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              Shanghai Ruibang machinery group subordinate subsidiary, now formed the water pump, water supply and drainage, electric motor, control cabinet, fire sets, non negative pressure water supply equipment, sewage lifter, chemical pump series, stainless steel stamping pump, the size of the type submersible sewage pump, cutting type submersible sewage pump, fire pump and other products. Company is high-tech enterprises in Shanghai City, and through the CCC Product Compulsory Certification and national industrial production license. Shanghai city is the 'new special expertise' enterprises'. At home and abroad, with a certain degree of visibility and influence with the growing size of the company's production, product variety continues to increase, the performance and level of product continuous improvement. Now we have Zhi Shi to join the company. Joint venture, common development, open up new markets, the consolidation of the existing market, the company is willing to work together and win-win.
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